Yesterday is a history, today is a gift and tomorrow is a mystery. Get the experience from the history you made, let success be your gift and make the mystery solve with something good - Andie

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Straight away posting!

Title: Stop Procrastinating
Better watch this! its fun! :p

Title: Charlie bit my finger

Funny Funny Cute Cute!!!  

Just finish watching videos at YOUTUBE! These are the top videos i ranked! surely LOVE it! :D :D

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Past and Present

11 February 2012;

This was on my birthday! :) Just a normal day but i love it.. sinmple and yet exciting! :)
In the evening, my family made a simple birthday surprise although i expect it HOW it was gonna be ;p but still i'm happy that they did that cause.. yeah, i know THEY LOVE ME ;)
The cake's flavour was Chocolate fudge.. ;9 very very delicious <3
My mom gave me a pair of cute clothes for my birthday present, my beloved friend (cannot mention) gave me chocolateS.. which is.. NICE :3 i love chocolate and even my beloved man gave me that too :)
i love it!! :)

15 February 2012 (today);

a lot of stuff to do.. tomorrow i have a maths test on topic 'SETS'.. but i dont understand a thing! --,
so streessss... :(
and also i have a Malay Literature test tomorrow and.. P.U.I's pop quiz...
i'm sooooooo dead... :( huhh...


Monday, February 6, 2012

Fun day with family :)

I love today! :) I'm happy right now and hope no one is going to ruin my mood.. :o
In the afternoon, I played bowling with my family at Utama Bowling. I love that place.
I'm not satisfied actually with my score because i only score 71.. Suck mark! --,

Right now i'm waiting for my beloved boy finish his tuition while I'm finishing my homewoks.. a lot of things to do! ;o but still, i have the time to post something here.. like.. who cares! :p

My birthday!!! yes.. minus today, 5 days more to go! :) i'm not that excited but i'm excited to be 15..
but... i'm getting old! crap! --, hahahaha..


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Best wishes

My dear friends,
feel empty when you guys are absent,
so lonely although i have a boyfriend,
sometimes fun needs friend other than love.

My beloved man,
a day without you is like hell,
without seeing you i'm dying,
and without your love my life's boring.

My long lost friend,
once you are my close friend,
but now we are like enemy,
hope you remember our memories,
and have a good life.

sincerely, Andie

Friday, January 27, 2012


OK, I'm usually not like this but my cousin ask me to do this. the topic for today is about boys. i have a boyfriend on my own, and i love him :)

Questions that i received.
1. How do you know if a guy likes you?
= OK, firstly, when you're walking in front of him, he will look at you until you're vanish from his view. When he's talking to someone, and you are there in a same area, his eyes will keep glancing at you. then, he tries to do something to impress you and sometimes he act weird! but, don't panic! you should be proud if there is a guy like this.

2. how do you know if the guy is good or not?
= simple. first thing, check his personality, education and family. Don't trust men that fast because they are unpredictable. A sincere heart of you can tell weather he is a good man or not. but becareful, men can act to be good man and pretend to be loyal. so, you need to be smart!

3. Sweet talker.
= hahaha.. this kind of men.. you can tell this by yourself actually. your heart will know when he is sweet talking. A person who are not a sweet talker, they will say it sincerely and his word go straight to your heart. you will feel that right away. 

that's the questions I've got. hope this can help the girl who are curious out there :)
sincerelt, Andie ;p

Monday, January 23, 2012


  • i am so stress right now because i'm STUCK with my maths homework. i know, sometimes maths is more tougher than life.
  • i have no idea for my english essay.
  • i haven't done anything for HOUSEwork.. which is.. i know... i am a cinderella. but, i'm not lucky as her cause at the end she married a prince which is EXTREMELY impossible for me. besides, i have my own prince already. oops. ;p
  • my lil bro is bugging me cause he keeps annoy me and now he is dancing like a freak just to see me angry! pfft.
so.. thats the thing for today. not in the blooody mood!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

With my sister at UBD.

Okay.. right now i am with my sister at UBD's library. Feel so bored while waiting for my father to pick us up. I know.. this is my new blog. something's wrong with my old blog.. it's like someone HACK it. YES. I'M HACKED. my email ID had been deleted and i CAN'T log in. pity me. so.. yeah.. i have to start all over again. Btw, this year is my O'LEVEL EXAM. WAY BIG EXAM! need to struggle hard this year! must get 9'Os or i'm screwed! and yeah.. tomorrow i have an IRK's test. haven't read though but i know i can do it! i'm confident! but not toooo over confident cause i might fail.. :'(
so.. my father said his on his way.. so.. bye bye!! :)

I love you A <3