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Friday, January 27, 2012


OK, I'm usually not like this but my cousin ask me to do this. the topic for today is about boys. i have a boyfriend on my own, and i love him :)

Questions that i received.
1. How do you know if a guy likes you?
= OK, firstly, when you're walking in front of him, he will look at you until you're vanish from his view. When he's talking to someone, and you are there in a same area, his eyes will keep glancing at you. then, he tries to do something to impress you and sometimes he act weird! but, don't panic! you should be proud if there is a guy like this.

2. how do you know if the guy is good or not?
= simple. first thing, check his personality, education and family. Don't trust men that fast because they are unpredictable. A sincere heart of you can tell weather he is a good man or not. but becareful, men can act to be good man and pretend to be loyal. so, you need to be smart!

3. Sweet talker.
= hahaha.. this kind of men.. you can tell this by yourself actually. your heart will know when he is sweet talking. A person who are not a sweet talker, they will say it sincerely and his word go straight to your heart. you will feel that right away. 

that's the questions I've got. hope this can help the girl who are curious out there :)
sincerelt, Andie ;p

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