Yesterday is a history, today is a gift and tomorrow is a mystery. Get the experience from the history you made, let success be your gift and make the mystery solve with something good - Andie

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

With my sister at UBD.

Okay.. right now i am with my sister at UBD's library. Feel so bored while waiting for my father to pick us up. I know.. this is my new blog. something's wrong with my old blog.. it's like someone HACK it. YES. I'M HACKED. my email ID had been deleted and i CAN'T log in. pity me. so.. yeah.. i have to start all over again. Btw, this year is my O'LEVEL EXAM. WAY BIG EXAM! need to struggle hard this year! must get 9'Os or i'm screwed! and yeah.. tomorrow i have an IRK's test. haven't read though but i know i can do it! i'm confident! but not toooo over confident cause i might fail.. :'(
so.. my father said his on his way.. so.. bye bye!! :)

I love you A <3

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