Yesterday is a history, today is a gift and tomorrow is a mystery. Get the experience from the history you made, let success be your gift and make the mystery solve with something good - Andie

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Past and Present

11 February 2012;

This was on my birthday! :) Just a normal day but i love it.. sinmple and yet exciting! :)
In the evening, my family made a simple birthday surprise although i expect it HOW it was gonna be ;p but still i'm happy that they did that cause.. yeah, i know THEY LOVE ME ;)
The cake's flavour was Chocolate fudge.. ;9 very very delicious <3
My mom gave me a pair of cute clothes for my birthday present, my beloved friend (cannot mention) gave me chocolateS.. which is.. NICE :3 i love chocolate and even my beloved man gave me that too :)
i love it!! :)

15 February 2012 (today);

a lot of stuff to do.. tomorrow i have a maths test on topic 'SETS'.. but i dont understand a thing! --,
so streessss... :(
and also i have a Malay Literature test tomorrow and.. P.U.I's pop quiz...
i'm sooooooo dead... :( huhh...


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